Beginners Learning Guide

In my first job as a surf coach i was lucky enough to have Filipe Valadão as my head coach and mentor. He was one of the best surfers in town and he was doing is master in physical education.  I was a surfer for a long time but I had no notions of pedagogy, communication, motivation and so many other things that we need in our profession.

One day he came up to me and gave me a few notes and told me to study it. What was it? Is learning guide for beginners. In these notes was the themes and techniques by topics that had to be taught during surf lessons.

So he was sure that I followed an order of ideas, did not leave themes or techniques behind and taught all customers the same way.

After that i start doing my own guide. I started to use it Filipe Valadao guide as a base but then it was modified according to what I was learning and experiencing. When I started working on my first surf camp I took and implemented my guide with the help of Francisco Pereira who gave me some help in fine-tuning the guide.

Here it is:


Level 0 – Introduction to Surf

0.1 Ocean Introduction

0.2 Surf Equipement

0.3 Safety Rules

0.4 Lying on the Board

0.5 Paddling

0.6 Gliding

0.7 Take Off

0.8 Standing on the Board

0.9 Board Exits


Level 1 – Surfing Initiation

1.1 Passing Through Foam Waves

1.2 Board Turning

1.3 Catching Foamy Waves

1.4 Pumping

1.5 Turning on Foamy Waves

1.6 Changing Direction on Foamy Waves




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