Nazaré 2017

When to go and for how long to see the biggest waves?

The Big Waves season in Nazare – Portugal, is between October and March (winter season in Portugal, but April works too in some years).

– For those who need to book the trip in advance, a stay of at least 2 weeks in the region is recommended to ensure that you catch at least one day of giant waves; a three week stay increases the chances of catching big waves days.
In the months described, there’s usually between 1 and 6 large big swells. For more statistics see previous years news history . Even so, there is no guarantee that you will get a good day, but the probability is good.

– Another option for those who have more availability is to travel as soon as there is a good forecast. The forecasts only anticipate at most one week, and the longer the forecast range is the less certain it is. You can check the forecasts here
For big wave the forecast should indicate a wave size higher than 3 meters, a wave period greater than 13 seconds and a bit offshore and north wind.

Usually, the Nazare North Canyon – big waves generator greatly amplifies the predicted size of the waves, generating waves up to 100 feet (30 meters) high!

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